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Blogwatch: Touring the Americas

By Fish

The Rehm family are just setting out now in August 2009 on an adventure through the Americas. The story of where they found their van and how they turned it from a scrap heap into a shiny happy camper is fun to read. We're sure their trip will be equally eventful. They have plenty of ideas to help fund their... »

New VW Camper Unveiled

By Fish

Volkswagen have unveiled a new design of campervan at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The picture at the link above doesn't make me think we'll be trading in our 1977 van to get one. It's another mainstream van design that fails to inspire a feeling of warmth or affection that earlier transporters do.... »

5 Generations Of VW Camper

By Fish
5 perfect example of each era of VW camper

I just found this page with deatils of the 'FIVE GENERATIONS OF CAMPERVAN' display that Volkswagen put together for Vanfest last September. We saw them while we were there and can testify to what perfect examples of the VW camper they... »

Picincs – What campers are made for!

By Fish
Campervans offered up to picnickers

Some people don't own their own VW camper but luckily they can borrow one for a picnic! Speaking of which, we've recently added a great book to find the best picnic spots in... »

How to buy a VW camper van

By Fish
The Guardian - Buying a VW camper

The Guardian has an article about finding a campervan... Good advice for all would be ownwers! How to buy a VW camper... »